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This indoor play area is a real rush for the kids. There’s so much for them to do from ball pits to climbing areas to ride-on toys to arcades. If you are ever at a loss with what to do with your kids, take them here and get them out of your hair for a while.

Paulette R.

Reasonable fees, clean play equipment, and friendly staff. What more could you want?

Wando L.

Plenty of room for everyone at this indoor playground. It’s never too crowded or chaotic. The staff members are really friendly and they keep everybody in line. My kids love it here, and I do too!

Anthony Z.

By far, this is the perfect place to take your kids in the Las Vegas area when you have them for the afternoon or weekend. Open Play time is a great way to get down to your kid’s level and have a good time.

Cheryl A.

KIDSPLANET is the cleanest indoor playground that my family has ever come across. It has lots of different things to do, ranging from stuff for the little ones to play equipment for the older kids. It’s a great place to kick off your shoes (this is required, but I love it) and have some fun.

Elizabeth W.

Absolutely the best inside play yard in Las Vegas – hands down! My two-year old cannot get enough of this playground. He begs to come here every day.

Juan C.

What a terrific indoor playground! This has got to be the best inside play area for kids in the Las Vegas area. I can’t wait to schedule my kid’s birthday party here.

GiGi Y.

This is the best indoor play area in the Las Vegas area. It is the only inside playground that I will take my kids to because I never have to worry about them when they are here.

Marjorie K. - This is the best indoor play...