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Privacy Policy

KIDSPLANET Privacy Policy

Our privacy policy details the practices that we use when we collect the information you provide when you visit our website. This privacy notice applies only to the data that is entered and/or collected on kidsplanetlv.com. We want all of our visitors to enjoy the use of our website and our facility without worrying about their personal information. Therefore, we have incorporated the following practices into the use of this website as well as the use of KIDSPLANET Indoor Playground.

Collection and Usage of Your Personal Data Online

Any personal information that we collect online is used solely for the purpose of providing a better experience when using our website. We do not collect information that has not been provided by our visitors.

Collection and Usage of Your Personal Data at Our Facility

If you visit or rent out our facility, we will collect certain personal details that you provide. This information might include your name, address, and phone number. Keeping this information on file assists us in providing better service, particularly if you intend to frequent our facility on a regular basis or if you use our photography services.

Sharing Policies for Personal Information

We do not share any of your personal information with third parties. This information is kept solely for the purpose of providing you with good service.

Online Collection, Usage, and Sharing Policies for Non-Personal Information

On occasion, we might collect certain non-personal information during your visit to our website. Typically, this information includes such details as your operating system, the day and time of your visit, the pages you viewed, and the number of minutes you spent on our site. We collect this information solely to assist us in providing a better user experience for our visitors.

Security Measures and Protection of Your Information

The use of specialized security software enables us to encrypt all personal information that our visitors enter while using our website. Offline storage of your personal data is just as secure. Only essential staff members can access the details that you provide.

KIDSPLANET Indoor Playground reserves the right to modify our privacy policy at any time. Please contact us if you have any questions.