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Rainbow Ball Pit

A Rainbow of Fun with Kids Planet’s Ball Pit

Children have great imaginations, giving them the ability to have a lot of fun with the simplest of

activities. This is perhaps one of the reasons that ball pits are so popular in Las Vegas as well as

across the entire country. Kids Planet’s ball pit might not be unique, but it sure is fun!

Yellow, Red, Blue, and Green – A Sea of Colored Fun!

Offering a rainbow of colors (green, blue, yellow, and red), a ball pit creates a colorful place

for your kids to get serious about having some fun. In fact, these brightly colored plastic

orbs stimulate a child’s visual senses, while also awakening the tactile senses. From seeing to

touching, the plastic balls entice a child to explore and play for what probably seems like hours.

Yes. It Is Time for Fun in Our Las Vegas Ball Pit – a Kaleidoscope of Colors

The ball pit is a big draw for most small children. At first, it’s the bright colors and the promise

of fun that brings them to the ball pit in droves. Once they get in, the opportunity to toss balls

all over the place is just too much to resist. The kids can hide beneath the balls, making them

erupt like a brightly colored volcano spewing forth orbs of plastic. They can also jump from one

corner to the next, giggling and laughing as they make a huge splash.

Therapeutic Effects Offered by Ball Pits

Not only are ball pits great for children who are developing normally, but they are also good for

little ones who are having medical problems. Studies have shown that balls pits offer therapeutic

value for individuals experiencing a variety of issues, including both neurological problems and

developmental delays. It’s probably due to the brightness of the colors as well as the ability of the

balls to stimulate the tactile and auditory senses.