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Hot Air Balloon Jump House

Kids love jumping up and down, and now they can do it safely with our hot air balloon jump

house! Why not bring your kids in this week and let your children’s imagination soar as they

bounce upward with the lightness of a feather? Our jump house is built for fun almost as much as

it is built for safety. It provides a great time for all of the kids, giving them a chance to imagine

they are any or all of the following:

. A rocket ship blasting off

. An astronaut walking on another planet

. An Australian kangaroo

. A bouncing ball

. And even more!

The kids can sing or shout, hop or jump, and bounce or walk. It all leads to good, clean fun as

they bounce about and have some good old-fashioned fun!

Safety First at Our Indoor Playground and in Our Hot Air Balloon Jump House

As you might already know, here at KIDS PLANET in Las Vegas, we require all of our children

to take off their shoes before enjoying our rides and activities. Since their shoes are already off,

there’s nothing to worry about as they go about the business of jumping for some serious fun in

our jump house.

Of course, we do have certain height restrictions in play so that we can keep everyone’s little

guys and gals safe and out of harm’s way. In spite of the fact that this is a compact, lightweight

structure, our jump house is quite strong and durable.

Having Fun with the Hot Air Balloon Jump House in Our Las Vegas Indoor Playground

The bright colors of our jump house simply add to the excitement the kids are feeling as they

get ready to go inside of it. The see-through walls are made from strong, resilient netting

that provides ease-of-mind for parents who like to keep their eyes on their little ones at every

moment, while also offering a soft landing if they hit the wall on one of their landings!