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Birthday Party for kids

Will you be hosting a birthday party for a child in the near future? Why deal with all the mess in your own home when you can have a cool birthday party for kids in a variety of unique settings? A birthday party can be even more fun for your child when you host it in a special place. Here are some of the best places to have a birthday party for kids.

Cool birthday party for kids: A pizza parlor party
What child doesn’t love pizza? A pizza parlor such as Chuck E. Cheese’s is an ideal place to have a birthday party for kids. Chuck E. Cheese makes it even more special by giving the birthday child a balloon, a crown, and an ice cream treat to help celebrate his special day. The birthday child will even get a special visit from Chuck E. Cheese himself! It’ll be a birthday to remember.

Cool birthday party for kids: A bead store party

Some bead stores host parties for children where they can make pretty bracelets or necklaces on their birthday. This is a great option for a child who loves beads and jewelry. Plus, they’ll be able to take their finished creations home and wear them for many weeks to come. It’s a great way to inspire your child to be more creative.

Cool birthday party for kids: An ice cream shop party

What child doesn’t relish the idea of eating ice cream on his or her birthday? Many ice cream parlors will allow you to host a party on site. The children can indulge in ice cream and ice cream cake while mom can count her blessings that clean up will be minimal.

Cool birthday party for kids: Paint your own pottery

There are a variety of pottery studios that allow you to come in and paint a piece of pottery for a fee. Many of these paint-your-own-pottery studios also host birthday parties for kids. If your child loves to be creative, he’ll love this unique party idea.

Cool birthday party for kids: A skating party

If you have a lively group of children who can’t sit still, why not host a birthday party at your local skating rink? Many skating rinks have rooms specifically for parties or will allow you to rent the place out for a larger party.

Cool birthday party for kids: A pool party

If your child’s birthday falls during the warm weather months, consider having a birthday party at your local pool. If you decide to do this, make sure the kids invited are old enough to understand water safety and can swim. A lifeguard should be present to help supervise should problems arise.

Cool birthday party for kids: A park party

Kids love the great outdoors and a party at your local park will give them open space to run and play games. Carry along a picnic lunch and, of course, the birthday cake and when everyone becomes tired, lunch and cake can be served. Everyone will have fun and cleanup will be minimal for mom.

As you can see, there are a variety of fun birthday party places for kids to celebrate their special day. Choose one that will make your child’s birthday memorable.

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