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Worry-Free Parents and Carefree Children

Worry-Free Parents and Carefree Children Have a Great Time at KidsPlanet’s Indoor Playground in Las Vegas Even though today’s parents lead busy lives, they are searching for good ideas for fun and entertainment for their kids that is safe and affordable. One of the best options available in the Las Vegas area is KIDSPLANET’s Indoor Playground. This facility offers a clean environment filled with
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Indoor Playground Safety in Kids Planet Las Vegas

Playground Safety Kids love to play on the playground. Swings, slide and monkey bars are on almost every playground. But in many playgrounds, the rules are not followed properly. Every so often there are horror stories of children getting hurt on the playground. Here are some guidelines for playground safety. Safety Issues While playgrounds are increasing standards for the equipment found, there are still
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Birthday Party for kids

Will you be hosting a birthday party for a child in the near future? Why deal with all the mess in your own home when you can have a cool birthday party for kids in a variety of unique settings? A birthday party can be even more fun for your child when you host it in a special place. Here are some of the
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Birthday Gift Glut

When a child plans a birthday party and invites her entire class, she may be considered inclusive. However, the image of a table groaning under the weight of dozens of presents may irk her parents. How much is too much? How do you limit gift glut when any birthday girl can tell you that the most important part of her big day is opening
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Make Your Kid’s Party Special

Why Not Make Your Kid’s Party Special at Kids Planet’s Indoor Playground in Las Vegas? Whether this is your first time visiting the indoor playground at KIDS PLANET or you’re one of our regulars, there’s really nothing as special as having your kid’s party here in our spectacular play area! We provide nearly everything you need – food, photographer, goody bags, and things to
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Indoor Playground in Las Vegas

The Benefits of Having a Play Date at Kids Planet’s Indoor Playground in Las Vegas Does the thought of a play date make you cringe as you anticipate the migraine that follows the constant running around and noise created by your children and their guests? Do you hate the option of taking them to a local park or movie theater instead of hosting the
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